Services Soo Marine Supply, Inc.

Food and Supplies

We are able to procure a broad array of items for your vessel and crew. Simply fax, email, or phone your order, and we will fill it in a timely manner. Items range from engine repair parts, toiletries, food, produce, games, clothes, and books. Everything from Christmas trees to barbeque grills.

Parts and Equipment

Many of our customers rent storage space for parts and equipment that may be needed in the sault area. These items can be withdrawn from storage and delivered to your vessel on short notice.

Truck Delivery

Not only do we deliver your items via boat as you pass through the Sault Locks, we also deliver goods by truck as well! We will meet you at any port of call on the Great Lakes for a nominal travel fee to deliver your much needed supplies.


The services we offer to the vessels and crews sailing on the Great Lakes is invaluable. We have so many different services it is impossible to list them all here.Here are a couple worth mentioning.

  • Personal Packages. Crew members can have personal packages and items delivered with frieghter shipments at any time.
  • Crew Gear Storage. Extra baggage and personal items can be stored at Soo Marine Supply so there is no need to move items from vessel to home to vessel again.
  • Crew member and Passenger Changes. We come to you and offer changouts of crew and passengers via our boat the M/V Ojibway
Remember, there is virtually nothing we can't do for you! This is but a small sample of some of our most popular services. Please give us a call today and inquire about how we can help you and your crew.